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Capitalize on carbon credits with multiple co-benefits.

  • horizom bambou régénération des sols

    Soil regeneration

  • horizom bambou commerce équitable

    Fair trade

  • horizom bambou réindustrialisation


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The impact of Horizom

horizom bambou environnement
horizom bambou social

Farmers are not remunerated for the services they provide (food, health, biodiversity, fight against climate change).

In France, nearly 50% of them will retire in the next 10 years. Only 1 out of 3 will be replaced.

Maintaining our agricultural foundations is a major issue since it is the pillar of our food sovereignty. Bamboo is a profitable and resilient diversification that makes it possible to sustain operations.

horizom bambou économie

We need to decarbonize our economy and produce locally and sustainably.

Bamboo is a profitable, renewable crop that produces biomass, an essential raw material for a low-carbon economy.

Due to its local character, the bamboo sector allows us to reindustrialize our territories and generates many direct and indirect jobs.

How to finance a bamboo grove?


Horizom designs a tailor-made plantation with a partner farmer.


Horizom calculates the capture potential of the bamboo stand over 20 years using recognized methodologies.


Horizom has the carbon credits certified by an approved third-party organization (1 credit = 1 ton of CO2 sequestered)


Companies wishing to contribute to carbon neutrality finance bamboo groves through the purchase of carbon credits.


We strive to maximize the impact (environmental, social, economic) of the project and to guarantee the sustainability of the bamboo grove through the implementation of long-term monitoring.


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