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Horizom cultures bambouseraies

Diversify your cropping rotation

Climate change has become the fight of the century. The frequency and violence of climatic hazards jeopardize harvests. Tensions surrounding energy make the price of inputs ultra-volatile and create shortages. Bamboo is an ideal diversification: profitable, resilient and low maintenance.

Horizom marché carbone

Become a player in the carbon market

The voluntary carbon finance market is booming. Companies seek to offset their residual emissions by purchasing carbon credits. Thanks to its ability to quickly and massively sequester CO2, a bamboo plantation can meet the needs of companies in this new market.

Horizom bambou industriel

Take part in the reindustrialisation

Manufacturers seek to secure their biomass supply. This becomes a strategic resource for them, the production of which cannot be relocated. Prepare for the future with horizom, become a producer of carbon-free raw materials!


Why grow bamboo?

Horizom culture Rentable
Horizom Pérenne
Horizom culture durable


Income before the first harvests thanks to the sale of carbon credits.


Requires little intervention and few inputs. Mechanized annual harvest without replanting, for more than 30 years.


Resilient to climatic hazards. Many co-benefits linked to agroecology (soil and groundwater regeneration, fight against erosion).

Contact us !

horizom accompanies you
at each stage of the adventure:

Horizom Planter bambouseraie


Custom planting

- Pedoclimatic study and provision of adapted varieties.

- Irrigation system design

- Planting assistance and counseling


Plants supply

- Choice of varieties adapted to your situation

- 100% french plants from our nursery

- 10 L pots,
plant height 1.50 m

Horizom suivi technique


Technical monitoring

- Agronomic advice.

- Establishment of a personalized culture itinerary.

- Amendment, irrigation management, harvest planning.



- Carbon: we monetize the carbon sequestration of your bamboo bush.

- Biomass: we negotiate the best selling price for you with manufacturers.

Farmer testimonials

We are witnessing a strong growth in biomass needs, I made the choice of bamboo in order to anticipate this demand. I appreciate Horizom’s pragmatic and scientific approach, in particular their expertise in choosing the most suitable varieties
Jordan Mounet
Duck breeder, Landes (40), France
Horizom Jordan Moutet
For me, bamboo is an interesting diversification because of its profitability and the low maintenance it requires. It gives me visibility on my income, which secures my structure in the long term. The expertise that Horizom brings me on the valorization of biomass and carbon allows me to launch myself serenely into this new culture.
Hervé Roma
Winegrower, Gers (32), France
Horizom Hervé Roma

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